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Inside the Art Retreat with CatCoq and Flammable Entrepreneur - Part Two

Did you catch Part 1 of Inside the Art Retreat With CatCoq and Flammable Entrepreneur? Scroll to the end for more insider photos...

So by now, its a fair assumption to think I’m a bit of a delicate creature and the next few paragraphs will probably add to that assumption even though I like to think I’m as hard as nails.

First time meeting my business coach - Logan from Flammable Entrepreneur and my mentor from afar, Cat Coquillette from CatCoq


We got a detailed list from Cat (you know, The Cat from CatCoq ) with all the essential creative goodies to bring for the trip and I’m panic buying paint supplies as if it was toilet paper in a pandemic. Combine that with Amazon’s uncanny ability to know what you need before you know what you need, I was dazzled by sparkly paints, metallic paints, erasers, pencils, vegan brushes, and more metallics because Amazon just SEES me. And before I knew it, I was on a first name basis with the delivery drivers across all courier service providers. They all knew I was going on a retreat with Cat and Logan. They watched as I ripped open packages in front of them (after I sprayed the packages with disinfectant of course) everyday and marveled at those erasers and vegan brushes with kid-on-Christmas-morning delight.

I was so excited in fact, I even began making TikToks of me packing my bag!

Here is it for your enjoyment. TIKTOK You can follow me too, for more art videos!

I was driving up from my home in the South of France which was a bit of a jaunt, so I happily prepped my Podcasts - see here for my list of recommendations

And Audible books for the long drive- see that list here. Packing my snacks, my bike, running shoes, a cooler in case I need extra snacks, one more watercolor paper pad just in case, and oh, I might need some more snacks. Probably salty.

I waved goodbye to the kids and I didn't let that door hit my bum on the way out!

Did I just do a burnout in my Citroen? You bet your bad-assed Mamma, I did.


Me leaving the fam and heading up to the Art Retreat!


That drive passed in a blink as I enjoyed uninterrupted time listening to podcasts, even music! Lets be clear here, I can’t even poop without other humans passing notes under the door, or if I forgot to lock it, sitting next to me, having a convo like we were at High Tea at the Belmont. So this alone time was spesh.

Err Merh Gerd, I’ve arrived. As I crawl down the drive way at the the Manoir, I see everyone was already here and chatting out the back. I wander around and go into a bazillion doors because this Manoir is a whole lotta house. I got lost. Twice. I ended up circumnavigating the house to find everyone outside.

Scenes from Manoir La Jugie


This is when I finally get to meet my Business Coach in person. And he is as warm and friendly as he is on our coaching calls. HUGZZZZ

And then, hand outstretched…

“Hi, I’m Cat.”


This was Cat Coquillette! As in CatCoq. The one we all learn from and sit with a glass of vino and our slippers on while we paint, or work on our businesses and her sunny disposition makes learning easier, and she lets us know how to move our art and business forward. Are you geeking out right now, too? I know. OH. MY. GAWD.

Do you want to hang out with me, Cat and Logan (yeah we’re on first namesies now)? Join me HERE so you don't miss out on PART 3. It’s Day 1 of the retreat and a whole group of strangers have just been thrown into a house together! I'll be posting loads more insider photos of the insane fun we had.

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