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What was it like inside the art Retreat with Catcoq and Flammable Entrepreneur - Part One

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

What was it like inside The Artpreneur Creative Business Retreat With Cat Coquillettte from CatCoq and Logan Elliot from Flammable Entrepreneur?

I hit enter and just like that, a massive dream of mine came true. I’d just bought my tickets to the Creative Business Retreat of the year and I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement. Right?

Nope. That would be the Instagram version of my reaction.

The truth is, I fuh-reaked out a bit. I’ve been pretty isolated for the past 2 years with my family and the thought of being in a house with people … PEOPLE!

I’ves forgottenzes what peoples is.

And, those ‘peopleses’ in close proximity, and people I don’t know! Introvert Alert!

And not to mention the imposter syndrome that kicks in when you automatically assume that everyone is going to be kick-ass creatives and you are going to suck.


I know I know, you are giving me a virtual slap across the head right now because you wanted to go too. But bear with me. This was an unexpected case of cold feet, about something I’ve dreamed about doing! It was always on my life list to go on a painting retreat in France and now its about to happen.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who needed a heat pack, a glass of wine, and a nice open fire to warm those feet back up. And the first person to do that was Andra from UpTrek. Talk about a toasty virtual hug through an email! Andra and Ted went above and beyond to help with these concerns, especially COVID concerns.

I know you need to live a little through these times, but was this an unnecessary risk? What was I thinking? Oh Oh, I’m freaking again… Don’t worry, Andra was still there and she reassured us all…

We are all required to be double vaccinated and PCR tested prior to arrival, we were given the weekly agenda which was flexible to flow with the group mojo, and our interests and the direction we wanted our learning to take. UpTrek gave us all the information we would need to keep those feet warm.

So now, we watch and wait to see what is happening in the world, and in France to see if we can officially soak up the French countryside vibes in Manoir La Croix de la Jugie. It’s 6 weeks out and now that my Covid concerns are squashed like a grape in a French vineyard, that sneaky Imposter syndrome decided to hit me with a 2 day old baguette. Those things are bloody hard! Yeah, she’s got 6 relaxing weeks to make you doubt every fiber of your creative being…

But then, UpTrek created a secret facebook group just for us, and we all get to chat and stalk each other online - yeah, you guys, I know we were all doing it! Ha ha and then we felt better because everyone is so lovely, and talented and feeling the same way you are and they’re all doing it anyway.

UpTrek knew exactly where Imposter Syndrome could stick that 2 day old baguette…

Wait. Where were YOU thinking? I was thinking she could put that baguette in her pipe and smoke it! But I hear ya. That was a good place too!

I’m telling you all of this because this was the last thing I expected to happen when I booked my dream retreat with my favorite artist and my insanely knowledgeable business coach.

Oooh looks like we just got word that France is open for travel and the retreat is on!

Wanna come with me? Join me here so you don’t miss out on Part 2. Released next week!


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