These are all my recommendations for everything creative from art supplies I personally use, love and recommend, books for your creative business that I've gained value from, & any other tools, & products that I find really useful in my creative business and my digital nomad life. I'll share them with you so you can gain traction in yours. 


As I develop this guide for you, I will be writing about them, in depth, on my blog and you'll see the link below each recommendation when it's available. This page also contains affiliate links, so if you make a purchase (yay you) I will also get a small commission (yay me). So, thank you. 


Tech Guide

Ipad (of course)

The Ipad Pro 12.9" is the primary way I create my digital art using Procreate and a few other graphic apps.  It's got more grunt than other tablets and gives me more flexibility for creating with no lag on those huge art files.

Image by insung yoon

Apple Pencil

Pressure sensitivity is the thang that makes painting watercolors (or creating art) on the Ipad so authentic, by creating marks on the canvas like I would on paper. The Apple Pencil 2nd Gen  speaks my love language. 

Image by Ern Gan

Apple's Magic Keyboard

Is it a laptop? Is it an Ipad? Is it a case? Is it a stand. I'll tell you what it is. It's the bomb, and it's all of those things!  The Apple Magic Keyboard / Case keeps my ipad nice n snug, and it makes it easy to type anywhere, and easy on my neck and back. Also, it says Magic in the name. Who doesn't love magic? 

Creative Software, Apps & Brushes
Image by Brett Jordan

Procreate App

So this is the app I snuggle up with, in front of an open fire. I do the majority of my digital artwork on this app and I can create digital raster files so big that they are super high res, even large enough for wall murals. You can produce Industry Standard files with Procreate too. In fact, I love this app so much, I even teach classes on how to use it. 


Affinity Designer App

Sometimes, I just need a vector based app and Affinity works smoothly on the Ipad. I also found it easy to learn because there are plenty of tutorials online. Pictured above is the Infinity interface on my Ipad and I used it to make some mockups of my artwork.


Procreate Aqua Real Brush Set

Aqua Real  is my favorite Procreate watercolor brush set created by Lisa Glanz,  that even has a 2 toned brush so you can easily bleed colors on one paint stroke and the set also includes watercolor paper textures, as well as tutorials. . This set that I bought from Design Cuts creates authentic watercolors, digitally.   This is one of my French doors watercolors (pictured) that I painted using this brush set on Procreate.

Art Supplies

Winsor & Newton Watercolor 

Winsor & Newton Watercolor tubes were the first paints I began watercolor painting with, over 20 years ago. I've recently started using their pans as well. The pans are super easy to  load the brush which makes the painting process faster and clean up is efficient. I always use professional grade pigments like this one because my colors stay bright and transparent when mixed - never muddy.

finetic artist micra metallic watercolors.jpg

Coliro PearlColors Metallics

Oooh I loved these Coliro Pearlcolors Watercolors pans so much, I blogged about them. Strong pigment that sticks to the paper, with strong metallic yet sheer  like a true watercolor. 

Want to see me use it? Read my blog.


Travel  sized Watercolor Block

Intrend's a5 sized Watercolor paper block is a perfect size for watercolor or lettering on the go. It had a nice watercolor paper texture on one side and the other side is smooth like cold pressed, perfect for calligraphy.  I painted the metallic watercolors on this paper (left).  

Want to see me use it? Read my blog.