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Top 5 Podcasts Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Listen To.

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Especially when you are starting out in your Creative Business, you need to learn quickly for minimal cost. The best way I found to learn for free was to listen to these podcasts. I still listen to them every week and implement small changes with huge impact on my business. If you are a Creative, you need these essential podcasts.

As with all podcasts, books, media, You take what you need from them and you don’t need to use the rest. The list of podcasts below have been instrumental in my journey as a creative entrepreneur. These are not affiliate links. These are simply my best recommendations that I personally listen to and gain value from. These podcasts help me move the needle in my business.


The Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher

I’d been Mumming hard for 10 years before I re-launched my creative business and this podcast introduced me to the world of social media for business and how to leverage it. So much had changed since I last ran my graphic design business and this podcast covered it all. I’ve also taken a few of her courses for Instagram, Pinterest and Email Marketing. The Goal Digger Podcast also covers mental blocks or challenges you may face in your business. Lastly you get to listen to interviews by other successful female entrepreneurs. All of these topics combined, arms you with the information you need to keep moving forward in your biz.


Artists Soar - Jules, Stephanie and Rachel

ANDROID on podbean

As a creative Entrepreneur, you are often isolated and working on your own, or you may not know many other people who do what you do and just get it. This podcast is like sitting down with 3 of your creative, entrepreneurial girlfriends , with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and dishing on all things creative. What works, what doesn’t work, their triumphs and failures. And I learn from it all. It’s incredible how much you can learn from talking it out with a group of friends and this is what this podcast is like. Thanks to this podcast, I now use a database to organise my entire business. It’s so organized in fact, that I know exactly which tasks need to be done on what day and how much time I need to spend on them. These ladies are in the thick of their creative businesses, and they are going through it with you which makes what they have to offer, relevant, timely and authentic.


The Simple Business Show - Nesha Woolery

Formerly a Graphic Designer, turned Biz coach for Creatives, Nesha Woolery has now branched out into coaching business in general, but I’ve followed her through these changes because her information is valuable. From Business productivity, limiting beliefs, marketing and more, I always have a take away after listening to this Podcast. She introduced me to the essential business tool, Dubsado, and how it would revolutionize my business and client experience, and more importantly, why you should implement it before you get started. Thanks to this podcast, have a seamless client experience, and what’s even better, it’s predominantly automated.


Doing it Online: The Doable Marketing Podcast. - Kate McKibbin

Fellow Aussie, Kate McKibbin dishes on all things marketing and walks you through lead magnets, sales funnels, welcome sequences, launch sequences and more.

If you are in business, you need to be growing your email list and she is my go to for all things marketing. If you aren't sure what any of these things are, then this podcast is for you.


How I Built This with Guy Raz - NPR

When you want to play big, you need to listen to those that have come before you. Guy chats with the Founders of the world's biggest companies and how they moved from an idea into a successful business. My favorite episode was listening to the tenacity of Aussie, Melanie Perkins, who founded Canva when she was just 19 years old.


BONUS PODCAST - if you are specifically working on Surface and Pattern Design in your creative business, then I recommend this podcast for you.

Design and Shine - Rachelle Holowko

Rachelle talks about being a successful creative business owner, the mindset needed to succeed, and everything pattern and design.

Her episodes are bite sized which is great to tuck into that quick walk to work or even a lunch break. If you are getting into to pattern design, this an excellent introduction to guide you through it all.


I'd love to know what you think of these podcasts and hear how they help you in your Creative Business! To continue the conversations, join my creative community, by subscribing below where you'll be kept up to date with new tips and hacks for Creatives, new classes, recommendations, new art, flash sales, freebies and more.

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Love and Palm Trees,



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