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The Keffiyeh (Kufia) كوفية

Red, white, and coiffed like a hair style, the Keffiyeh or Shemagh is such a versatile accessory that is found in these colors, in Saudi Arabia, and in other other Middle Eastern countires, but with different colors. It is the head-dress worn by males as a part of their traditional ensemble which includes, a usually white colored thobe or thawb (for hotter months) and madas sandals.

This accessory had the biggest visual impact on me when I first arrived in Saudi Arabia. Combine this with the Niqab and Hijab which were mostly black in color 10 years ago, it was, to me as a westerner, delightfully exotic. I remember shopping in IKEA in Jeddah, as we tried to find things to set up our home, and being in a surreal state with something so familiar, IKEA, and floating through a sea of black hijabs and red and white Kufias, which also hung neatly in the IKEA wardrobe show rooms. It was such a juicy combination of the foreign and familiar.

The Keffiyeh was the first ever artwork I created in my Saudi travels probably because it had the biggest visual impact, and, I wanted a way to wear it too. So I created it in rose gold as well.

When you hang around here for a while, you'll notice the Keffiyeh is worn as individually as a hairstyle. Sides can be swept back to create a curled-brim, cowboy hat effect (my favorite style), it can be thrown back high upon the head, much like an evening up-do, and other times, hanging loose on the sides, creating a chilled out vibe.

I wear the Keffiyeh too, but only when I'm in the desert and again, its so useful and versatile. Here, I'm wearing the accessory in the style of the UAE which I quite liked, and also, as a face mask to protect me from the sand on a desert trip. Otherwise I love this accessory on my tech, fashion accessories or clothing.

You can view my Keffiyeh artwork in Red HERE and in Rose Gold HERE Drop me a note to tell me you like it, and send me a snap of you with my designs so I can feature you over on Instagram.

Love and Palm Trees, Eve xo

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