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Moon Mountain in Saudi Arabia

How did I create this Geometric Design from the belly of an ancient beast? Join me on this desert adventure to Moon Mountian, in Saudi Arabia...

We aimlessly drove through the desert, passing through valleys billowing with sand storm after furious sand storm, until we reached a peak high enough to protect the valley that flowed from its feet.. From desert sands to an alien landscape, we descended into this new, rocky environment, with clear air, and views across the sweeping horizon. Boulders the size of buildings freckled the earth as if giants had been playing marbles. We had landed in Moon Valley.

And there, in the distance, a peak like none other, rising from the earth to reach a smooth, granite dome. Moon Mountain.

As our wheels touched the sand, swerving between thorned shrubs that would rip the skin from your body, and over boulders, we circled our way around the base in search of an access point. Passing bedouin style tents, camel shepherds and the odd bloke sitting in the back of a rusted toyota pickup, we eventually discovered both shade and a possible route for ascent. And surprisingly, rows of perfectly white, medieval style, peaked tents nestled behind the mountain, yet strangely abandoned.

Even tumble weeds bounced through the camp (which cued Western standoff music in my mind).

Wait, I think those tumble weeds were plastic bags… ah, it was both.

We exit the car…. and ignite.

Soft sandy pathways lead us between mammoth sized boulders, that even in the shade, are hot to the touch. After the initial ascent, it appears we are now scaling the spine of this ancient beast as we continue to make our way through narrow plates along the ridge.

Sand, stone and more stones stretch to the horizon and the heat and dust sear our airways to a medium rare.

We take refuge on yet another rock, in the shade of yet another rock, and put our feet up on another rock. It is here, between the rays of sun, that we were greeted by little pockets of happiness blooming in the shadows cast by sun bleached boulders. With delicate little petals stretched outward from bright yellow faces, nodding to the tune of the desert breeze, they were content in the most inhospitable of places.

These are the little blooms that inspired my Geometric Desert Daisy repeating pattern. I chose this geometric design to give a framework to highlight the strength of the flower in this environment whilst still showing the intensity of its many outstretched petals, but yet an open, innocent face.

These Desert Daisies are the epitome of strength prevailing in the darkest hour.

Right, enough chitchat in the shade of this boulder, we have a mountain to climb, and I now have a waterfall of sweat flowing down my back and into the never never. Sorry, I know that was quite a jarring switch from philosophical ponderings back to basics, but this is the desert and it gets real out here.

We continue picking our path while we grasp for the tendrils of a breeze flowing through a nook or cranny and with each step, the view more spectacular, and nostrils reaching medium to well with a waft of pan fried on the side.

We approach the final dome, the skull of the beast. The ascent of which requires maneuvering through a thin chasm, that I can only compare with the attempt to climb through it’s esophagus being careful not to touch the Adams Apple that looms directly above your head as your hips and shoulders scrape the sides of its throat.

Free of the confines, the mouth opens to a vista worth slaying for. But it is here that I also choose to stop. With my three littles in tow, and one wrong step, the beast would win, and we would tumble to our deaths. I tucked them all into a crevasse between the rocks, while we inhaled the view and is that the scent of victory? Oh.. wait. It’s us.

You can shop all of my useable artwork on Redbubble HERE and on Society6 HERE and the Desert Daisies are HERE.

If you’d like to join me on more adventures, You can subscribe on any page on my website, and pop on over to Instagram so we can connect HERE.

Love and Palm Trees,


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