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Invest In Your Creativity to Grow Your Creative Business.

Do you want to level up your Creative Business? Or even just get started? If you are reading this then you are on the right track and what an adventure it's going to be.

Starting out, spending money on yourself seems like such an extravagance, but hear me out. Investing in your creativity, means new skills, potentially faster and smarter ways of creating and selling and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

I take a several classes each month from a short 30 minute tutorial, to longer workshops on creativity and running a creative business and they tend to pay for themselves as long as you take action. I finished a course which I debated about enrolling in due to the cost. But I took one small action from that course, and I ended up landing my biggest art deal in my life, and the course has paid for itself over and over and over again.


Here are a few of my favorite learning platforms.

Patreon - This is where you get to not only support other artists but you get private tutorials and often a stronger connection with the Artist/Educator in their private forum. You'll find artist that suit your learning style, from laid back and relaxed to highly structured.

2 of my favorite Artists to follow on here are the Procreate Lettering Club and Art With Flo.

Kajabi - This is a platform that hosts many courses I've taken from different entrepreneurs from Art Licensing to Fitness to Marketing. Whilst you can't go directly to the Kajabi website to pick a class, I wanted to mention it here because it may be the tool you are looking for to launch your own creative program. It also tells me that when a course I'm enrolling in is using Kajabi as their hosting platform, that the educator is serious about their class. 2 of my favorite educators on this platform are Juliet Meeks and Jenna Kutcher.

Coursera - University courses, real ones, for free. Do I need to say more? Nope. You can find Coursera here

LASTLY ... drumroll....

Skillshare - This is my number 1 learning platform and I loved it so much I even became an Educator on Skillshare, to give back to the community that taught me so much. I learnt how to move my creative business forward, how to work smarter, and how to diversify my business as well as continually leveling up my artwork and creative skills.

I'm not an affiliate of any of these companies above. My only connection is being both a supporter of, and an educator on Skillshare. I also have a 2 week Premium access pass if you want to do some classes for free, or take one of mine!

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