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The Evil Eye - عين

An outstretched hand reached for my child's cheek. It was gloved. Her face and body hidden behind a black abaya and veil. As the sun caught her face, I could see her smiling eyes. She was speaking to my 5 month old in Arabic, touching his fat cheeks and pudgy hands. Amongst the words, I noticed one phrase she repeated;


We began to talk (in English) and I asked her what it meant. She explained that every time she gave my baby a compliment, she warded off the evil eye by saying Masha'Allah. She said it was the verbal version of this, as she reached down to her handbag, revealing a small evil eye amulet dangling from the strap.

This was my first day on my own in Saudi Arabia. This was my first talk with a local person. This was one of my most special memories of living here. Even though our aesthetics were so different, me in shorts and T-shirt (in a compound) and her completely hidden, she was a mum , just like me, out for a walk, and enjoying some quiet time while her kids were at school.

I loved the sentiment behind Masha'Allah, the verbal version of an Evil Eye talisman or amulet and I adopted it quickly into my cultural collection. But being a new mum, I wasn't wearing jewelry because I'd accidentally scratch my baby, or it would break easily. but I'm keen to keep bad juju away and I'm all for collective good vibes, so I created this artwork!

Drop me a note below if you love this artwork too and 'd love to connect with you on the Gram too!

You can see artwork and more of my portfolio here.

Love and Palm Trees,

Eve xo

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